"The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities."     Daniel Day Lewis


These are some of my favourite poems - click on the picture to listen...

TRUE COLOURS (Yellow) - by Becky Hemsley

A delightful poem that a friend sent me - the sunny sunflowers are from her too.

Lilly's got her back to you but she loves poetry read and recited - words have that effect on us.

Becky Hemsley is a British poet and author. She has written four collections of poetry as well as two delightful children's books. I love the simplicity and importance she gives to seemingly ordinary words.

Much like us, no one is really 'ordinary' - everyone knows something that we don't... I like that.


Mary was a prolific writer of both poetry and prose. Amidst the harshness of life, she found solace in the natural world and in beautiful, precise, down-to-earth language.
She was a master with the ‘efficiency of words’.

I love this poem – especially her reference to John Keats in the last couple of lines.
Keats died at 25 and yet had perhaps the most remarkable career of any English poet… he did indeed live a ‘lifetime’ – the wisdom in this piece encourages us to do the same!

May Oliver died in 2019 at the ripe ol’ age of 83.

An expert from AFRICA - by Herman Charles Bosman.

Bosman (1905-1951) is known as one the greatest short story writers the world over.
His stories are filled with humour, pathos, irony and wit. He, however, saw himself as a poet - I love that.
There is unpretentiousness and exquisite musicality in everything he writes: poems, short stories and essays. T
his is an excerpt from his much longer poem entitled, AFRICA. In the efficient use of earthy words, he effortlessly captures the pathos, beauty, lightness and deepness of this wild and fragrant country.

If you spot his poetry book entitled, "Wild Seed" - nab it immediately, with both hands.


I think this is easier to understand if you’re living it… and may come across as ‘preachy’ if you’re currently in more of a dark space.

Having said that, I do love the, seemingly simple words – and am reminded daily of how brave one needs to be – to risk, to change, to trust, to be happy both for oneself and for others who are managing on some level, to really live.

Pablo Neruda was a Chilean author & politician who was accomplished in a variety of styles ranging from love poems to surrealist to historical epics.
‘Pablo Neruda’ was the pen name he chose, his proper, posh name was Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto (put that in your smike & pope it) and his works have been translated into many languages.
Some consider him one of the greatest and most influential poets of the 20th century.
I see some people are rather adamant that the piece was not his but written by Martha Medeiros – so I stand to correction if it’s not written by Pablo (which reminds me of that ridiculous dad joke(!) that says: I used to not believe in orthopaedic shoes but now I stand to correction”)

REMEMBER - by Christina Rossettii (1830 - 1894)

This exquisite sonnet was one of my Mom’s favourite poems – she used to teach it to her students whether it was in the syllabus or not!
"It's too beautiful not to know about, my darling," she'd say .

The unknown that stretches beyond our lives has prompted many to ask such questions as how one would be remembered and for how long…does it matter… everything passes by in a flash….

Christina Rossetti muses over these questions in this piece.
It is so very poignant now that my Mom has gone – and yes, it is exactly what she would have wanted us to be…urging us to be us and find happiness and not feel sad or guilty on any level when it comes to remembering her…
She was so wise and kind and I miss and remember her beyond all words.
This one’s for her.

THE MALL by Marke Meyer (1964 - )

Marke Meyer is both a poet and sculptor.
Born in South Africa, he lived his young life in the mountains of Lesotho and currently works in his studio on the beautiful South Coast in Uvongo in South Africa.

Interestingly, his figurative bronze artworks all have titles taken from lines in his poetry… etched into the pieces, like a memory.
‘Pick Me Up, Pull You Closer, Hold Me Tighter’ is an exquisite suspended bronze of three figures in hoops… with that title etched down their backs. This poem is where that title comes from.

It’s entitled The Mall and is a poem of little cameos or ‘snapshots’ taken from one of his meanders and observations in a busy mall.

THE PATIENCE OF ORDINARY THINGS - by Pat Schneider (1934 - 2020)

This piece brings a wonderful source of quiet joy to one - yes, the little ordinary things are perhaps not that ordinary - I want to remember to remember that.

Pat was a jolly fine poet, playwright, and librettist (posh word for writing the text of an opera).
She was born in the Ozark mountains of Missouri. She published numerous books, and she and her husband, a Methodist minister, had a wonderful passion for dealing with the poor.
They devoted many years to community-based ministry, helping those who needed it... what a wonderful thing.

THE BOOK OF LOVE - lyrics by Stephin Merrit. sung by Peter Gabriel.

The Book of Love was written by Stephin Merritt. Most famously, it was arranged by Nick Ingman with Peter Gabriel and Will Gregory and sung by Peter Gabriel and features the vocals of Melanie Gabriel.'

THE COMMON CORMORANT by Christopher Isherwood

One of my Mom's favourite poems which naturally became mine too.

A delightful piece about cormorants...and bears - for children and big people.


I have been involved in many short performance pieces & performance poetry including: 

The Mall 1 – performance poetry (written by Mark Meyer). Solo piece

The Mall 2 – performance poetry (written by Mark Meyer). Solo piece

Yellow Glimpse – performance poetry (written by Sara Jackson). 3 hander

Boxes – Short story (written by Barbie Meyer) 2 hander.

Cellphones & Sangomas -  Performance poetry (written by Lorna Seldon-Burd.) 2 hander.

“Obsession” – performance Art (written by Mark Meyer). 2 hander.

“Interior with a Cat” – performance Art (written by Mark Meyer). 7 hander.

“The Leaving Game” – performance poetry (written by Mark Meyer). 13 hander.

"Messerpieces" - performance poetry (poem written by Kim Scholtz, script by Barbie Meyer). 13 hander.

"A Brazen Bargain Buy" - about the peril of shopping and being on the market - to buy or not to buy! 20 minute play. Written by Barbie Meyer & James williams. Performed by Barbie & James.

 I am one of the co-founders of ColaborArt, an avant-garde art movement on the Natal South Coast.

ColaborArt represents progressive and experimental art across the arts. It encourages attempts at fusion of the arts across disciplines (theatre, music, poetry, sculpture, poetry, visual arts etc), whilst also encouraging and supporting the presentation of the arts and the artists themselves in their individual capacities.

These events take place at various venues every three months. To date there have been 16 of these ‘exhibitions’ over the past six years. 




"Waterlily Barbie" 


"Tattoo Barbie" 

 “No Strings Attached” – Performance art written by Marke Meyer collaborated with and performed by Barbie, Lorna, Sean, Roger & Phumla.

 “Interior with a Cat” – dramatized poetry written by Marke Meyer. 

Performed by Garreth, Esté, Barbie, Craig, Caroline, Wren & Aden Hinds.

"Buck winged Bird" - poetry written by Marke Meyer, music by Roger Seldon. Performed by Roger, Lorna, Barbie, Clare, Jonathan Reid & Ken Baker.


 “Yellow Reflection” – Performance poetry written by Sara Jackson, performed by Sara Jackson, Jason Whyte & Barbie Meyer.

"High speed Road Art" - a video made with still photographs and live sound effects. Photos & performance art by Marke Meyer, Everett Duarte, Frances Schandera & Barbie.

 “Lie of the Land” – Poetry written by Marke Meyer recited by Barbie.


 “Obsession” - performance art by Marke Meyer. Installed with the help of Clare Gaze. Performed by Barbie & Esté.


High speed Road Art" - a video made with still photographs and 
live sound effects. Photos & performance art by Marke Meyer, E
verett Duarte, Frances Schandera & Barbie.


 “The Waiting Game” – performance art, video & ‘do-it-yourself-home-theatre-instruction-booklet’ (see Manuscript Table) written & directed by Marke Meyer. Involving 13 of ColaborArt’s finest: Lorna, Roger, Janet, Gillian, Clare, Ken, Lloyd, Barbie, Sara, Ackhona, Phumla, Garreth, & Marke.

 “The Waiting Game” – performance art, video & ‘do-it-yourself-home-theatre-instruction-booklet’ (see Manuscript Table) written & directed by Marke Meyer. Involving 13 of ColaborArt’s finest: Lorna, Roger, Janet, Gillian, Clare, Ken, Lloyd, Barbie, Sara, Ackhona, Phumla, Garreth, & Marke.

 “Musings…well about you really” – 10 minute performance piece written by Barbie performed by Barbie & Lorna.



 Compering at ColaborArt 19, Margate Art Museum


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