Written by Bruce Kane

Directed by Marke Meyer

Performed by Barbie Meyer & Graham Van der Merwe

A man, a woman, a bed...what's so hard to work out?

Two characters trapped in a one act play try to break free while working out their relationship in a scenario that keeps getting re-written, it crackles with humour!

Barbie teams up with Graham Van der Merwe in this hilarious one act comedy for two trapped characters




Set for South Coast local stages 11th & 12th May 2012 (Booking essential: 039 3157225 or 082 496 3545)

and then onto the Grahamstown Festival in Jun/July... 


 Grahamstown 2012...


After our 8th Show @ the Grahamstown Arts times 



Sound, lighting & theater crew!


          Our Grahamstown 'lighting guy' and 'sound gal' - Sipho & Andrea 




...with the indomitable movement instructor Lorna Seldon Burd



Rehearsals often amount to extended fits of laughter... it is after all a comedy(!)













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