"...He was still married to Ella when I met him…I was a full eight years younger than both Herman and Ella.  I first saw him one evening in a café, after a film show. Looking up, I was transfixed by the most haunting blue eyes I had ever encountered…"  Helena Stegmann (Bosman's 3rd wife)

Bosman’s Women: Directed by Bets Basson. Featuring Barbie Meyer & Lorna Burd.

This is Meyer's third piece on Herman Charles Bosman and probably the most challenging for both the actresses and audience...spell binding stuff!

In this play, Barbie Meyer has superbly captured the genius that was Herman Charles Bosman – from a woman’s point of view.

Meyer and Burd shift effortlessly between reality and fiction, unfolding the truth about the women in his personal life as well as the elusive, whimsical women of his Bushveld stories. This account is a rare jewel indeed.

Herman Charles Bosman’s private life was decidedly thorny. Some called him a genius others called him a criminal but one certainty was that it was intoxicating being a Bosman woman – in or out of his stories.

Bosman’s Women” is directed by Bets Basson. In this show she has excelled yet again - Ms Basson helped refine the script and helped the ‘rooinek’ actresses master the distinctive flat accent of the Groot Marico.

Directed by Bets Basson. Featuring Barbie Meyer & Lorna Burd.


"…a particularly powerful piece.” Cue/Grahamstown Festival

 “Meyer’s eagerly awaited new play, Bosman’s Women, earns sustained applause. It gives a comical, deliciously sweet taste of Bosman’s gift as a storyteller, as well as a glimpse into the complex, controversial storyteller himself – Herman, the man.” Judi Davis / Herald review





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