"A Brazen Buy"

Performed by Barbie Meyer & James Williams.

This piece blurs the lines between straight theater and performance art.  Barbie and James took up the challenge of adapting, re-writing, adding, minus-ing the original script... and had a great deal of fun along the way.

It was performed as a ColaborArt project at the end of 2011.

It is approximately 20 minutes and has a 2-16 age restriction for adult content.


 "...A busy attractive MAN, is walking past a women's shop and looks into the shop window – a large price tag hangs from his belt. He notices an attractive woman inside the shop. The WOMAN, dressed for sale, is shopping - she also has a price tag.   She tries on a coat - also with a hefty price tag. They appear to not see each other – until she ‘feels’ his eyes on her and tries to catch him out…as women do. They accidentally back into each other.  ... they meet" 

(And so the play begins...)







 (Finally they are both spent.  They stop and stare hopelessly ahead.   Silence. He quietly pulls out his price tag and studies it, as she carefully and quietly pulls out hers. They read start to read out the “Instructions” line for line.  After a moment they look at each other....)

And so on and so on... ahh the perils of having a price!


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