"...for it is not the story that counts. What matters is the way you tell it. The important thing is to know just at what moment you must knock out your pipe on your veldskoen, and at what stage of the story you must start talking about the School Committee at Drogevlei. Another necessary thing is to know what part of the story to leave out."     Herman Charles Bosman

A Festival of Chocolate & Roses  @ the gorgeous Rosehurst in Pietermaritzburg this Winter!

I will be performing a 'pop-up' Herman Charles Bosman story...at the opening on Thursday the 3rd of Aug around 6ish... about...well Oom Schalk in his pink shirt...and a white rose of course(!) 
RSVP essential for catering purposes: 033 394 1443

Next Bosman show is in early May - a wonderful package deal - See poster below!

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Herman Charles Bosman (1905-1951) was a South African writer and journalist who became famous for capturing the rhythms of backveld Afrikaans speech even though he wrote in English. He is widely regarded as the greatest short story writer to come out of South Africa. His books are some of the finest in the field of South-African literature.

Whether you have read Herman Charles Bosman or not, Barbie's Bosman presentations are eye-openers - challenging, brilliantly written and eminently entertaining! 

"After seeing Patrick Mynhardt transformed into Oom Schalk on the stage and hearing him tell Bosman’s intrinsically South African short stories, I never quite saw the world in the same way again. Quite simply I was hooked from an early age”!

In her shows, Barbie Meyer, has the uncanny ability to bring to life, a balanced and highly palatable assortment of Bosman’s short stories, essays and poetry. Tasty titbits about Bosman’s Bohemian and rather controversial life have been woven into each play.

Meyer performances are filled with hilarity, beauty, passion, irony and wit - words which Meyer constantly uses to describe his work.

Meyer has become something of a Herman Charles Bosman connossier - and plays the many characters with charisma.

Meyer has traveled the country and various festivals with her shows... she is currently touring with her sixth Bosman piece.... entitled "Bosman in the Gallows". See below...  

Read a review for Bosman in the Gallows: "Applause for new Bosman adaptation"

Go to http://southcoastherald.co.za/35920/applause-for-new-bosman-adaptation/#comments

 "Bosman in the Gallows" 

is Meyer's new Herman Charles Bosman one woman play. The piece debuted in April 2014 at Riverbend Conference Center on the South Coast, KZN to a wonderful response and has been heralded as 'her best yet'.

In this piece, Meyer has taken her favourite snippets out of Bosman's semi-autobiographical book entitled "Cold Stone Jug", and put them together in an hour and twenty minute show. Expect Bosman's uncanny wit, his pathos, his insight and humour... with her unique style of 'woman-playing-a-man' flavour - a winning combination. When it comes to your town/village/hamlet or city - don't miss it!

Barbie Meyer, a self confessed and very obvious lover of Herman Charles Bosman’s work, tackles her sixth play based on this infamous author’s work. She has performed her one woman shows all over South Africa from cities, villages and is a regular at the Grahamstown Festival amongst other festivals. “You cannot believe where lovers of Bosman’s stories live and hide out – they’re everywhere!” she laughs.
Her new play is taken from his iconic book entitled “Cold Stone Jug”. This book’s rise to classic status has been unstoppable, and is now widely considered the founding text of all South African prison writings.
We asked Barbie what we could expect from this new show:
“Expect to learn a little prison slang…or ‘colourful, earthy conversation’ as Bosman calls it (although I know my mom would call it be a few other names!). At the age of 21 Bosman was sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of his stepbrother. He claimed he thought his brother was an intruder although it was generally conceded that he did it in a fit of rage (sounds very like a modern day case does it not?!)
Bosman only ended up serving 4 and a half years and this book is a semi-autobiographical book of these experiences: powerful, witty, courageous and in places – just darn funny!
One ends up laughing at the pure humanness of the whole situation – it’s a kind of a dark humour – you laugh when you really know you shouldn’t. It’s filled with pathos and power. I have to admit that I did sneak an Oom Schalk Story in at the end of this play – how could I possibly resist?”

Barbie has entitled the new show: “Bosman in the Gallows’.
What a challenge it’s been”, she says, “to condense this incredible book into a theatrical piece fit for human consumption! It’s one of my most favourite books in the world – and often when something is that close to you – it can be a real test to try to capture the essence of the book in one show. What on earth does one leave out?! I have written draft upon draft, cut things out and re-added them only to remove them later. I think that this final script takes a little of his journey all along: from the day he arrived in the holding cell to the day he ‘klaared’ out. I have endeavoured to capture his hilarity along with a couple of poignant more sobering experiences that obviously make prison what it is – hard.”
This is a book filled with pathos and grit and yet always written with his unfailing humour and unmistakable high courage and wit.

 "Bosman in the Gallows" now available on a double DVD!

Performed before a live audience @ Riverbend Conference Center, KZN
DVD 1 starts with a very entertaining 'lesson' on prison slang. This is followed by the 'real play' as Barbie describes it - based on the Bosman's semi-autobiographical book 'Cold Stone Jug' written after spending time in prison for murdering his step-brother.

DVD 2 Barbie enacts her interpretation of one of Herman Charles Bosman's famous short, "Willem Prinsloo's Peach Brandy", set in the Groot Marico region of South Africa.

The double DVD sells at R180-00 and includes postage to anywhere in S.A.
For other countries please contact Barbie for the cost. (See Contact Page)

Videography by Elaine Wareing


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