"He who works with his hands is a labourer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist."                         Saint Francis of Assisi

Welcome and thank you for dipping into my site!

Qualifications - Art history & English - Unisa 1995.

Speech & Drama Licentuate - LTSD (Cum laude) - 2009. 

I am based on the beautiful KwaZulu Natal South Coast and have been involved in a cross section of the Arts – and especially theater & singing - from the age of twelve-ish. Perhaps a bit earlier if you count leaping out from behind the couch and doing some wayward ballet moves for my surprised & beloved parents... elaborate moves taught to me by my older sister who was determined that she was the teacher and I the pupil.

I studied English and History of Art and have recently received my Speech & Drama Licentiate (Cum laude).

I love telling stories - I love listening to a story well told - we all do I think. Storytelling is as old as mankind - Herman Charles Bosman's stories and Shakespeare's stories are among my most favourites - both literary genii as relevant today as they were when they were written.

My passion for theater has taken me on a multitude of paths - and these are some of them that I am presently involved in:

* 1 & 2 man shows - across towns/dorps and festivals countrywide. (Please see "Upcoming shows & auditions" page).

* Children's theater.

* Workshops - from 2 hour sessions - to a full day in: public speaking, poetry, improvisation, body language, public reading, mime & movement and voice production. Excellent for any person or group wanting to improve on communication (sales, teaching etc).

* Singing / soiree's.

* Please contact me directly regarding bookings of any of my shows and/or workshops for your theater, supper theater venue, school or function. Shows can be tailored for specific audiences, shortened or lengthened and constructed so as to include an interval or not.

Upcoming Show:

‘Piano & Song @ Yellowwood Cafe’
Jonathan Brauteseth & Barbie Meyer in concert in Howick.

When:   Friday 29th & Saturday 30th March 2019
Time:     6 for 6.30p.m.
Tickets: R250 p.p. includes Show, welcoming drink, dinner & coffee.
(Cash bar available)
Book:     033 330 2461 or Whatsapp 082 575 0602 or email                     info@yellowwood.co.za  (Booking is essential as space is limited)

The beautiful Yellowwood Cafe, situated on the historic Fairfell Farm in Howick, is delighted to announce that Barbie & Jonathan will be performing their intimate piano & singing show on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th March.
soirée type evening includes all things fine: piano playing; exquisite singing, an elegant supper & a ridiculous amount of laughter - all mixed into a delectable and outlandish brew.

Together, Barbie & Jonathan form a formidable, quirky and entertaining pair. Musically, they team up to offer both haunting and playful duets including everything from Evita to Ed Sheeran. This is interspersed with hilarious bits of information about the ridiculousness of humanity seen through their eyes and the lyrics they perform.
Barbie’s first love is singing and this is immediately evident in the power and passion with which she delivers her perfectly chosen songs. Her voice together with Jonathan’s deep, gravelly tones has been described as ‘pouring double thick cream over chopped mango!’

Effervescent Barbie promises us that she will throw in a little of her favourite poetry - “I do this in an endeavour to
balance Jonathan’s insistence at reciting absurd limericks and ‘Have Some Madeira M'Dear’ outbursts between songs”, she laughs.  

The show has been described as refreshingly unpretentious yet glamorous enough to haul out your faux fur and pearls.
So don a pair of posh heels, slip on a crisp shirt and don’t miss out on an intimate evening of musical entertainment with good food.

Yellowwood Café is situated very close to the center of town at 1 Shafton Road, Howick.

“…Barbie Meyer and Jonathan Brauteseth gave a performance of epic proportions, performing heart wrenching duets while simultaneously providing stand-up comedy throughout. These two are an act not to be overlooked; their powerful voices are utterly captivating, totally enchanting, they hold the audience completely in their grasp. It has been a long time since I have seen a pair more connected with their audience and singing from the very depth of the soul.”
Shannon Taylor (review from “Piano @ Leonardo” Pretoria). 




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